IDEI received a request from the New Carnegie brewery to produce a food truck with attitude - a car that would stand out. Brandbuilding, while serving as a salespoint of food and beverages.

In the spring of 2016 we combed both the Swedish and German market in search of a car that fit the brand. We were set on an old military vehicle that the US army had stationed in Germany during the Cold War. In the end the choice fell on a car already in Sweden.


IDEI developed and produced all graphic material to get the truck to embody the New Carnegie brewery. The result is seen below, but preferably in real life where it tours Sweden serving beer and burgers for hungry and thirsty people.

It is rarely a straight path from start to finish. When we originally pitched the food truck to New Carnegie and Brooklyn Lager we had more sizable truck in mind. As the initial rush of ideas started to settle, we noted that the original truck was well heavy with its more than seven tonnes, although both we and our client became fond of it.