Whether it's about a T-Ford, an exhibition stand or a pop-up shop - the goal is always to induce feelings for the brand. The common thread is the desire to get our customers to strengthen relationships with their target audience.

 IDEI has produced over 2,000 unique environments and products for various types of events. We have constructed huge stage designs, built television studio sets, produced a variety of events and built grandiose exhibition stands. We have worked internationally from Shanghai and Chicago to Hanover and Helsinki, always with the base of our factory in Stockholm. pop-up-shop
Louis Vuitton Sverige Lisa Ekdahl
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The best results are achieved through long-term relationships. We have had the privilege to work with some of the world's biggest brands for many years, and enjoy several of the leading Swedish event and communications agencies as repeat customers. We achieved this by delivering the right product, at the right time and price.